Best Movie Cliché We All Love to Hate?

The bad guy appears to be dead but he/they/she/it comes back to life last attack! 333.33%
The ticking time bomb:The hero inevitably cuts the correct wire with a miniscule amount of time (usually 00:00:01) left on the clock 333.33%
Women wear make-up to bed, and wake up with hair and face completely intact 222.22%
The car won¢t start the first time when you're running away from the bad guy 111.11%
A hero will show no pain even dring the most terrific beating, yet he will wince if a women attempts to clean a facial wound. 00%
Bad Cop who breaks the rules to save the day 00%
Every set of grocery bags contains at least one baguette sticking out of the top 00%
Movie people can get cabs instantly, unless they are in danger, whereupon no cab can be found 00%

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