Do you think global warming is real and a problem?

Yes, it's a problem and we should do something about it. 2755.1%
No, the current global warming is natural. 714.29%
No, global warming is a scam. 510.2%
Global warming is not caused by humans. 36.12%
No, global warming is a myth. 36.12%
Yes, it's a problem and I'm already doing something to help. 36.12%
No, global warming will stop by it's self. 12.04%

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  1. Author Anonymous

    Re : No; global warming is a scam.

    Not only is it a scam, NASA's own data shows the globe has been cooling fort 16 years now, and super-storms are caused by cooling, not warming.

    • Author : oui-oui


      people looking for excuses to not feel guilty of driving a big truck burning 10L per day...

    • Author mike

      Re : Global warming is not caused by humans.

      The earths temp has never been static. Rember the coming ice age in the early 70s? Same "experts" same agenda.

      • Author nature


        Yes it is !
        Pollution is a disaster. We are not able to think on a long time scale

        • Author Anonyme


          fort sure but the price will be paied by our childrens...

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