How does the understanding fifty advertisement make you feel?

I laugh at its witty and topical humour 228.57%
After viewing the ad I am forced to squeeze lemon juice in my jap's eye just to vent my rage 114.29%
I am indifferent 114.29%
I think the "host" of the "talk show" is hot and has potential in graphic milf hunter porn films 114.29%
It makes me want to kill everyone in the audience of the commercial for it is they who have sold their souls and are inherently responsible for destroying many lives 114.29%
It reminds me that old people are assets to the community and through their wisdom and experience we can build a better future... 114.29%
I find it unfunny and the old people offensive 00%
It makes me want to kill everyone that qualifies for APIA 00%

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