If you saw a celebrity in the street what would yo do?

Run and ask for an autograph 6834%
Just look at them and SMile 5829%
Go and tell her/he how much you love them 3718.5%
just leave them alone becuas eyou know how much they hate when there are tons of people around them? 2110.5%
Yell that you LOVE them 168%

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  1. Author Anonymous

    Re : autres

    youtube , annonce , promo... ect

    • Author Anonymous

      Re : Go and tell her/he how much you love them

      i would like do ALL!lol! i probably will faint if i saw either justin bieber, Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift....so yeah!

      • Author Susie

        Re : Just look at them and SMile

        i once miley cyrus!!! she's beautiful, tall, the awesomest!!!!