What is your attitude about your daughter veiling the face? How do you think a Muslim wali should teach his/her daughter about that?

I teach her about Hijab and Niqab and give it as an option to the child 1536.59%
I discourage my daughter wearing Hijab or Niqab 1331.71%
I would never let my daughter who is not covered properly(niqab) outside the house 614.63%
always use corporal punishment for her if she doesn't cover her face completely 37.32%
I won't tell her anything about Islamic Hijab and Niqab 24.88%
I strongly encourage my daughter to wear niqab and let the child decide 24.88%
I insist upon wearing Niqab but I never enforce it 00%
I will usually use other punishments if she doesn't cover her face completely 00%


  1. Author Anonyme


    The Hijab has a meaning in Islam while Niqab not.

    Then, it cannot be imposed. Such a strong choice has to be a free personal choice.