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Best Movie Cliché We All Love to Hate?

The ticking time bomb:The hero inevitably cuts the correct wire with a miniscule amount of time (usually 00:00:01) left on the clock
Bad Cop who breaks the rules to save the day
Movie people can get cabs instantly, unless they are in danger, whereupon no cab can be found
A hero will show no pain even dring the most terrific beating, yet he will wince if a women attempts to clean a facial wound.
Women wear make-up to bed, and wake up with hair and face completely intact
The car won¢t start the first time when you're running away from the bad guy
Every set of grocery bags contains at least one baguette sticking out of the top
The bad guy appears to be dead but he/they/she/it comes back to life for....one last attack!

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